happy halloween!!!


good day to you! and a very happy halloween to all…posted is a little beauty, about 45″x45″. i took a class from an outstanding woman by the name of marie strait, from california. she offered our guild a class on an enlarged pineapple block. inthe meantime, our guild had offered a challenge to make “something” from the print fabric, which is a mardigras print, masks, beads, ribbons, etc. it seemed the perfect time to excite things! so i used primary colors to accent the print, and several of them as you can see.

after the blocks were sewn together, it just needed more…so black flange and the colors used in the block creation were added, and voila’!

now on to the quilting and the binding. it has yet to speak to me about what quilting it would like. and as for the name, i name all my quilts, that too has not occurred. it is in a resting state and after the holiday sewing is over i will be able to spend time with it and get it finished. until then it will be a lovely UFO!

i wish you well…i wish you happiness…i wish you enjoyment from life…

til next time…remember…

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bloggers quilt festival

bloggers quilt festival


this beauty was a joy to construct. it was adapted from the “tumbling rainbow” pattern in the vanessa ann collection. i used fabric from my stash, which was at the time fairly limited. the stash consisted of white muslin, fabrics that had been gifted from my dear mother-in-law, and some newer pieces that had taken my attention. the quilting was done on my machine, i decided to do the stitch in the ditch and then wash the quilt to see what would happen. i love the effect in the white areas, it shows dimension in the clouds and movement. 

then i added beading to the bottom edge of the quilt, in the corresponding color. it absolutely sparkles in the sunshine or brighter light.the hanging piece is from a garden center and i thought it added wind movement to the piece.

this little gem measures approximately 16’x35′. it has had the opportunity to hang in a library gallery and has been entered into a quilt show. so it has had a lovely life so far.

i love the happiness and hope it has added to our lives.

feeling the holiday spirit..

Imagegood day! i know, halloween has not yet arrived, and may be a few days late this year, but i am feeling in the spirit so i thought i would share this quilt with you all. i made triangle log cabin blocks, sewed them together, and built the rest of the quilt around the tree formation. then the fun began…quilting it was great fun, stippled throughout the background…then the embellishing. i made ornaments for it , bought the snowflakes and small birds and pinecones and attached them. this beauty stays up all year in our house. it gets decorated with other christmas ornaments after thanksgiving. it is a reminder to say thank you for whatever happens in a day, good or bad…

also, took time to decorate the ,homemade apple butter, jars! they are so cute! pics to follow..so see the spirit is upon me!

today is filled with getting ready to weather the storm, sandy…think we are ready. need to get my mother over here as she has no alternate heat source, if the power goes out. and we are fortunate enough to have a source. more to follow , i am sure.

here’s my hope for you all…good health, lots of people who love you and you love in return…

and remember…

fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel…create!!!


day before the storm hits the east coast…


since we may be getting some bad weather and power outages i thought that perhaps i should post a photo of a quilt made for a dear friend who is a breast cancer survivor! i made this for her with the diagnosis…and she took it with her to thee hospital for cozying under while the anesthesia wore off! and it garnered her some wonderful attention from hospital staff members. she has since finished her treatments, luckily she had the kind of breast cancer that was treatable with removal of the mass and then oral treatments thereafter , and is vibrant and wondeful. she is indeed one of the lights in my life…love you Rose!!!



and here is a small quilt, 8″x8″, of my interpretation of fall in the east coast, specifically, new england area. it is a treasure and my friend won it in a game “battle”! she loves it and i would make it again, in a heartbeat!

thank you for checking in and leaving posts and comments…

till next time…


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel.

here we go!


a lively and bright beginning to the day is needed. while we are waiting for hurricaine sandy to hit i thought that we needed more sunshine as it is cloudy and cooler.

i made this for my daughter. she loves sunflowers. if she could live in a field of sunflowers she would! they are happy, follow the sun with their faces, and feed the birds. they provide full circle. just as she would…

i am posting this early and hope to post another later today…must run…Mother needs her hearing aid!!

thanks for checking in!

and remember…

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whoo hoo!!

what a day! spent most of the day helping my 84 year old mother, who by the way is going on 70!, cleaning windows, installing window well covers, hanging curtains, and cleaning the basement. dang! no wonder i am tired…

well, anyway it has been a good day…came home and got my sewing machine updated…now on to bigger and better things.

today i am showing a three dimensional sculpture, a challenge in an art group forum, that i am quite proud of! my husband calls it “the scary tree”, i call it, “what if alice fell down this tree”…what do you think? it took a while to put this tree together. it was totally out of my comfort zone, and a tremendous amount of fun! this tree had been speaking to me since i was a child. i have spent many hours drawing this tree, even in classes…LOL!… so why not finally put it to rest? well maybe not to rest, i might have to make a wallhanging/quilt to satisfy that need even more…we shall see…

i hope you have a great day!

and remember, fiber see, fiber feel, fiber create!