good afternoon!!

today is a perfectly beautiful fall day..the high temperature should/may reach 80 degrees F, the trees are gorgeous, almost past peak and into the “butterscotch” colors. with the leaves falling , lying on the ground, a few yet attached it appears as though the sun is sparkling through the remaining leaves. simply yummy!

attached you will find a pic of a small wall hanging that i made for my dear friend, Mary’s, birthday. she loves her quiet space in her garden and now she can have a bit in her house as well. the technique was learned from a class i took with Yvonne Porcella! a fabulous fiber artist, with her help and inspiration i have made several of these quilts, approximately 18″x18″. a lovely size to work and learn on, easily maneuverable under the sewing machine foot and needle.

i hope to show several different quilts each week. and , of course, i do hope you enjoy…

thank you for looking! remember, fiber art, fiber see, fiber feel, fiber create!!

Mary's birthday quilt, for the love of her garden


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