whoo hoo!!

what a day! spent most of the day helping my 84 year old mother, who by the way is going on 70!, cleaning windows, installing window well covers, hanging curtains, and cleaning the basement. dang! no wonder i am tired…

well, anyway it has been a good day…came home and got my sewing machine updated…now on to bigger and better things.

today i am showing a three dimensional sculpture, a challenge in an art group forum, that i am quite proud of! my husband calls it “the scary tree”, i call it, “what if alice fell down this tree”…what do you think? it took a while to put this tree together. it was totally out of my comfort zone, and a tremendous amount of fun! this tree had been speaking to me since i was a child. i have spent many hours drawing this tree, even in classes…LOL!… so why not finally put it to rest? well maybe not to rest, i might have to make a wallhanging/quilt to satisfy that need even more…we shall see…

i hope you have a great day!

and remember, fiber see, fiber feel, fiber create!



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