day before the storm hits the east coast…


since we may be getting some bad weather and power outages i thought that perhaps i should post a photo of a quilt made for a dear friend who is a breast cancer survivor! i made this for her with the diagnosis…and she took it with her to thee hospital for cozying under while the anesthesia wore off! and it garnered her some wonderful attention from hospital staff members. she has since finished her treatments, luckily she had the kind of breast cancer that was treatable with removal of the mass and then oral treatments thereafter , and is vibrant and wondeful. she is indeed one of the lights in my life…love you Rose!!!



and here is a small quilt, 8″x8″, of my interpretation of fall in the east coast, specifically, new england area. it is a treasure and my friend won it in a game “battle”! she loves it and i would make it again, in a heartbeat!

thank you for checking in and leaving posts and comments…

till next time…


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel.


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