bloggers quilt festival

bloggers quilt festival


this beauty was a joy to construct. it was adapted from the “tumbling rainbow” pattern in the vanessa ann collection. i used fabric from my stash, which was at the time fairly limited. the stash consisted of white muslin, fabrics that had been gifted from my dear mother-in-law, and some newer pieces that had taken my attention. the quilting was done on my machine, i decided to do the stitch in the ditch and then wash the quilt to see what would happen. i love the effect in the white areas, it shows dimension in the clouds and movement. 

then i added beading to the bottom edge of the quilt, in the corresponding color. it absolutely sparkles in the sunshine or brighter light.the hanging piece is from a garden center and i thought it added wind movement to the piece.

this little gem measures approximately 16’x35′. it has had the opportunity to hang in a library gallery and has been entered into a quilt show. so it has had a lovely life so far.

i love the happiness and hope it has added to our lives.


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