feeling the holiday spirit..

Imagegood day! i know, halloween has not yet arrived, and may be a few days late this year, but i am feeling in the spirit so i thought i would share this quilt with you all. i made triangle log cabin blocks, sewed them together, and built the rest of the quilt around the tree formation. then the fun began…quilting it was great fun, stippled throughout the background…then the embellishing. i made ornaments for it , bought the snowflakes and small birds and pinecones and attached them. this beauty stays up all year in our house. it gets decorated with other christmas ornaments after thanksgiving. it is a reminder to say thank you for whatever happens in a day, good or bad…

also, took time to decorate the ,homemade apple butter, jars! they are so cute! pics to follow..so see the spirit is upon me!

today is filled with getting ready to weather the storm, sandy…think we are ready. need to get my mother over here as she has no alternate heat source, if the power goes out. and we are fortunate enough to have a source. more to follow , i am sure.

here’s my hope for you all…good health, lots of people who love you and you love in return…

and remember…

fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel…create!!!



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