happy halloween!!!


good day to you! and a very happy halloween to all…posted is a little beauty, about 45″x45″. i took a class from an outstanding woman by the name of marie strait, from california. she offered our guild a class on an enlarged pineapple block. inthe meantime, our guild had offered a challenge to make “something” from the print fabric, which is a mardigras print, masks, beads, ribbons, etc. it seemed the perfect time to excite things! so i used primary colors to accent the print, and several of them as you can see.

after the blocks were sewn together, it just needed more…so black flange and the colors used in the block creation were added, and voila’!

now on to the quilting and the binding. it has yet to speak to me about what quilting it would like. and as for the name, i name all my quilts, that too has not occurred. it is in a resting state and after the holiday sewing is over i will be able to spend time with it and get it finished. until then it will be a lovely UFO!

i wish you well…i wish you happiness…i wish you enjoyment from life…

til next time…remember…

fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel…create


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