with corners cut off!


yup, that’s right…i cut the corners of and repositioned them! an experiment of sorts…this smallish quilt, about 10″x10″, has had a few things done to it and has survived! it started out very traditionally, dark on one side, light on the other , and began with a red “door”. then…i thought (!) try cutting off two corners and see what happens. interesting eh?! then i FM quilted it with loops as the pattern…then i thought what if i put metal “eyes” in the corners for hanging…not such a good thought, but i will once again make the raditional block and cut off and rearrange either two corners or maybe even four…hmmm…



purple log cabin


good morning! this morning began at the very early hour of 2:30am…arghhhh!!!! so i have been busy doing “things”, at that ungodly hour one has to do something when sleep is not going to happen…right?

anyway, above is a pic of, yes, yet another log cabin quilt. this was fun, too, as the colors are happy and fall like. the center square is made up of 5 strips that were from another project and more of the gifted strips. so the front door to this cabin is wide open…must be french doors since it is so large LOL!!!

the purple batik on the dark side was an absolutely gorgeous piece of fabric, and i used every bit of it in various projects. should i find more of it it will find it’s way into my stash again. and the brown and gold check i found in a remnant bin of all places. it adds the calming color to oppose the purple and yet has lots of movement.

i went outside my freemotion quilting comfort zone and used gold metallic thread. Whew! it was amazingly easy to use as long as i did not go pedal-to-the-metal. the overall design is of hearts and loops, so an easy design to stitch out.

i am hoping all of you out there have a great day.

until next time,


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prairie points log cabin


and yet another pretty…once again the center is not traditional, this time i had left over swiss dot fabric and then had a lovely beige batik that lent itself to a calm center…then the rest came to life. you will see green, pink, purple and black batik on the darker side of the logs and a bold black and white check on the lighter side of the log cabin block.

now the twist…look closely and you will see prairie points…darker ones on the light side and lighter ones on the right, and even a couple in the center square. they give a dimensional quality to the quilt as well as visual interest.

i love all the visual business and texture that the fabrics and the prairie points add. they seem to counter one another without being overloaded. again, the black batik used in the border as well as in the logs, allows the quilt to stand on it’s own and float.

the quilting i chose to keep very simple, swirls, large ones at that, were used on the entire quilt. the swirls juxtaposed the linear aspects of the logs and the boldness of the black and white check. all in all, i am pleased with this quilt and people who see it in person fall in love with it! i am surprised it hasn’t walked out my door! LOL!

today is proving to be another gorgeous fall day. the sun is shining brightly and the air is crisp and cool! perfect…many of the men in our family are out hunting, hunting fever is in full swing and they come back with a satisfaction of being in the company of men, in the woods, and in a area without electricity, running water, or women! men need men as women need women. the company of the same sex is important as is like interests…

until next time…


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variation on a theme!


oh my! this beauty tested my drafting skills…but it was soooooo much fun…

and then picking out the colors, i pulled out every piece of fabric i had and simply dove in…i finally settled on using my batiks and i am very happy that i did just that. the color variations within each piece of fabric lend themselves to being used in creative ways. i do love batiks, from the colors, to the subtle “prints”, to the in your face prints, and the hand of the fabric is wonderful. i have found them easy to work with and a joy to manipulate.

each block in this quilt is a variation on the log cabin study with which i have been obsessed.it measures 23 1/2’x 32″ and hangs flat!! the outer border is a black batik as is the back, that way the blocks seem to float.

until next time…


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yellow beauty log cabin


good morning !!!!

as promised, another log cabin quilt…this cheerful number was fun to construct as it has such happy colors!

the center block was , again, a gifted strip. this time i took it apart and made a two strip center, framing it with yellow and white made the center sparkle and pop. the next strip with colors was made from left over gifted patches and the addition of batiks made for additional color and interest. the outer strip of small brown and yellow checks allows the eye a place to rest. and the white on the opposing side adds visual interest and an open space for quilting to shine.

speaking of quilting…simple loops were all this little beauty asked for…what do you think? i am enjoying this process of learning to use my machine in more creative venues. quilting on a domestic machine versus a long arm has been interesting. in the beginning, i thought, impossible…then with research and playing with thread types, tension, dropping the feed dogs or not, trying different feet, and trying different needles, and practice, practice, practice, oh, and SLOWING down makes for better and consistent results. i am in love!!

until next time…


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log cabin love!

Imagelog cabin love! yup thats right…i have this burning desire to make the log cabin block and turn it into mine…different color combinations, mixing traditional fabrics and more modern fabrics, using piping, prairie points, embellishing…whatever!

my goal this week is to show a few of my log cabin quilts and maybe get inspired to do more. i do have another designed but have yet to start it, i am wanting to get the holiday gifting completed and then watch out.

this little pretty started with gifts of strips. the blue and black and white swiss dot and the pink batik and swiss dot were the beginning. i had to decide if i should treat them as strips, traditionally 1′-2′, and i thought why not? just go for it and see where it leads you…eh voila’! adding the blue strips and the large pink batik and then the black and white check.WOW! i think it sings…

the quilting consists of freemotion in the blues, swirls in the black and white checks, and big beautiful feathers in the pink/purple batik. it is a head turner. also , i added piping prior to adding the last borders. what do you think?

well…this one started a whirlwind of creativity and i don’t think it is over. as the ideas are endless and the combinaton of fabrics is too. i am thinking of using some modern fabrics and see what happens there too.

so until next time…


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel, create!!!

an oldie but a goodie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ahhh the memories this brings back…i had been wanting to do a quilt like this for years, so i did it! …however, i had cataracts! and the fabric choices were not the best. the white has marks, from what i do not know, that i discovered after the cataracts were removed and replaced. i had understood that vision differences would be apparent after having the work done. as i had worked for ophthalmologosts in another life, and an artist, watercolorist, made a piece prior to the cataract surgery and then remade it after the surgery….it was amazing the difference…so to all of you out there who are putting it off, don’t! an easy surgery with terrific results. simply find a dr who does the sitichless cataract surgery and go for it!!!

anyway, i am going to remake this beauty and with glorious fabrics. there are some batiks in the original and i believe all batiks will make for a lovely stained glass effect what do you think? and maybe wider black bias between the pieces…hmmm…thinking thinking thinking

the quilting was done in the echo format, for the most part. it gives a motion to the quilt, like the breeze is helping the little hummingbird fly. and if the light is good, the shadows created are splendid!

today is a glorious fall day and a day for a wedding in the family. should be waaaay too much fun. and with a sit down dinner afterwards and then on to the party time. young love…so sweet

until next time…


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel, create!!!!!!