november 1 already??

well…this funny little quilt was created from a challenge in an art quilt group i was in in grand junction, colorado. great town to live in , if you’ve never been, please go! it’s close to moab, utah! for the bikers and jeepers out there!

i digress…having no knowledge of what i was expected to do…i took it literally and here it is. it is a few years old but still a nice piece. my face was sort of square shaped at the time, i had long red hair and a whole lot of scared! LOL!! so i took the facial fabric and measured the dimensions of my face and put it onto the background, teal paisley fabric. then found an auburn fabric which i tore, leaving frayed edges, and applied next, raw edge applique. the ears were a challenge, too funny looking they are, but the earrings are great! made from copper tubing. and the nose, poor little thing. the eyes are from pieces of green fabric, and the shape is from my measuring with my fingers the shape and size then transposed that to the fabric, which i then zigzagged around with black thread to approximate the lashes. then we move on to the eye brows…looking in the mirror and hoping to get the size and shape somewhat appropriate to the rest of the face…

HA! the backing and binding are of the paisely fabric as well, so as to blend them together and allow the face to stand out…what a cartoon!!!!!!!

the sun has decided to come out and play for a while. it won’t be here for long as snow is in the forecast. so i am out of here.

til next time…

hope this finds your life full of promise and humor!

remember…fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel…create!!



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