the beauty of the seasons


yes, it is the time of year when we begin to reflect on the beauty around us and are thankful. the panels are cross stitch that my mother made many years ago. they were put away in a bag and then in a file folder until i re-discovered them! what a treasure. bordering them in a lovely green floral print set them off wonderfully. then the tiny red border with then a blue and red print border completed the look for this wall hanging.

the quilting is of the stitches in my machine, not free motion. then it appeared that the panels had a bit of a “poof” to them, so i found in the machine a set of stitches that looked like crossstitch ! hooray!! with the addition of these stitches the problem was solved quite beautifully.

then on to the addition of the hanging sleeve and the binding. these are the same fabric as the blue and red border so the quilt appears to be floating.

i am more than a little pleased and i hope you agree…

until next time,


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel, create!!!!


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