good morning! so sorry the photo is turned on it’s side, but it is rather pretty anyway…of course my favorite color is red and it fits the bill!!

this table topper simply NEEDS a tea pot and cups on it! having tea with a loved one would be a very cheerful and uplifting event with this beauty…it evolved from a panel of Mary Englebright \’s. i simply took it apart and framed it with a checkerboard print, then set each “block” in a red print.

the quilting is freemotion. whatever the quilt seemed to want is what it got. such fun to do freemotion quilting. have you tried it? takes a little doing on a domestic machine, but once you learn what your machine needs to make it happen, you can  accomplish the task! try it! it’s “freeing”!

my love of color will be shown in near future postings. once one puts aside the quilt police rules and fearlessly puts colors together, one finds the way. and the taking the “old” and making it yours feels so very good. this form of art is lovely. and if your creation doesn’t work the way you want, make a potholder out of it! LOL!!!!

we are going to have a beautiful fall day, here. my hope is that you too have a wonderful day…

til next time…


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel, create!!!

tea time!!


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