log cabin love!

Imagelog cabin love! yup thats right…i have this burning desire to make the log cabin block and turn it into mine…different color combinations, mixing traditional fabrics and more modern fabrics, using piping, prairie points, embellishing…whatever!

my goal this week is to show a few of my log cabin quilts and maybe get inspired to do more. i do have another designed but have yet to start it, i am wanting to get the holiday gifting completed and then watch out.

this little pretty started with gifts of strips. the blue and black and white swiss dot and the pink batik and swiss dot were the beginning. i had to decide if i should treat them as strips, traditionally 1′-2′, and i thought why not? just go for it and see where it leads you…eh voila’! adding the blue strips and the large pink batik and then the black and white check.WOW! i think it sings…

the quilting consists of freemotion in the blues, swirls in the black and white checks, and big beautiful feathers in the pink/purple batik. it is a head turner. also , i added piping prior to adding the last borders. what do you think?

well…this one started a whirlwind of creativity and i don’t think it is over. as the ideas are endless and the combinaton of fabrics is too. i am thinking of using some modern fabrics and see what happens there too.

so until next time…


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel, create!!!


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