yellow beauty log cabin


good morning !!!!

as promised, another log cabin quilt…this cheerful number was fun to construct as it has such happy colors!

the center block was , again, a gifted strip. this time i took it apart and made a two strip center, framing it with yellow and white made the center sparkle and pop. the next strip with colors was made from left over gifted patches and the addition of batiks made for additional color and interest. the outer strip of small brown and yellow checks allows the eye a place to rest. and the white on the opposing side adds visual interest and an open space for quilting to shine.

speaking of quilting…simple loops were all this little beauty asked for…what do you think? i am enjoying this process of learning to use my machine in more creative venues. quilting on a domestic machine versus a long arm has been interesting. in the beginning, i thought, impossible…then with research and playing with thread types, tension, dropping the feed dogs or not, trying different feet, and trying different needles, and practice, practice, practice, oh, and SLOWING down makes for better and consistent results. i am in love!!

until next time…


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel, create!!


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