prairie points log cabin


and yet another pretty…once again the center is not traditional, this time i had left over swiss dot fabric and then had a lovely beige batik that lent itself to a calm center…then the rest came to life. you will see green, pink, purple and black batik on the darker side of the logs and a bold black and white check on the lighter side of the log cabin block.

now the twist…look closely and you will see prairie points…darker ones on the light side and lighter ones on the right, and even a couple in the center square. they give a dimensional quality to the quilt as well as visual interest.

i love all the visual business and texture that the fabrics and the prairie points add. they seem to counter one another without being overloaded. again, the black batik used in the border as well as in the logs, allows the quilt to stand on it’s own and float.

the quilting i chose to keep very simple, swirls, large ones at that, were used on the entire quilt. the swirls juxtaposed the linear aspects of the logs and the boldness of the black and white check. all in all, i am pleased with this quilt and people who see it in person fall in love with it! i am surprised it hasn’t walked out my door! LOL!

today is proving to be another gorgeous fall day. the sun is shining brightly and the air is crisp and cool! perfect…many of the men in our family are out hunting, hunting fever is in full swing and they come back with a satisfaction of being in the company of men, in the woods, and in a area without electricity, running water, or women! men need men as women need women. the company of the same sex is important as is like interests…

until next time…


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel, create!!!!


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