purple log cabin


good morning! this morning began at the very early hour of 2:30am…arghhhh!!!! so i have been busy doing “things”, at that ungodly hour one has to do something when sleep is not going to happen…right?

anyway, above is a pic of, yes, yet another log cabin quilt. this was fun, too, as the colors are happy and fall like. the center square is made up of 5 strips that were from another project and more of the gifted strips. so the front door to this cabin is wide open…must be french doors since it is so large LOL!!!

the purple batik on the dark side was an absolutely gorgeous piece of fabric, and i used every bit of it in various projects. should i find more of it it will find it’s way into my stash again. and the brown and gold check i found in a remnant bin of all places. it adds the calming color to oppose the purple and yet has lots of movement.

i went outside my freemotion quilting comfort zone and used gold metallic thread. Whew! it was amazingly easy to use as long as i did not go pedal-to-the-metal. the overall design is of hearts and loops, so an easy design to stitch out.

i am hoping all of you out there have a great day.

until next time,


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel, create!


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