indiana storm


good afternoon…after being in the holiday celebrating spirit of things for a few days i am back!…this year is a new one for us as we have been away from family for a while (years) and have moved back…and this year we celebrated two thanksgivings! FUN!!!

now back to reality for about three weeks…the downloaded picture is of a small quilt that was made in a class from the wonderful Yvonne Porcella…she is simply amazing and giving and inspiring…she taught us how to prepare fabric, primarily silk and cottons for adhering to backing fabric, then she helped us understand how the creative self can be let loose…marvelous

for this particular piece, Mrs. Porcella asked us to think about weather and its effect upon us individually. my first thought was of the storms in Indiana. May i just say that Indiana can have some horrific storms including tornadoes. so with that said, i started in…first, of course, applying the background fabric, then the ground and river stone fabrics, then the tree, then the storm clouds, and the the rain and hail…can you feel it?

after that she asked us to finish the pieces with quilting and bordering. this was way too much fun…hopefully, tomorrow i will return and you will see the next installment of inspired quilts/wall hangings.

until then,


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel…create!!!


2 thoughts on “indiana storm

  1. ivoryspring says:

    How interesting to relate weather to quilting!!!! That’s why I love the world of quilting – there’s always a new idea!!

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