crane dance


oh this little beauty is a gem…the oriental fabric is luscious in it’s colorway! and adding the blue wind currents…oh my! and the quilt begged for beading (which i am sorry does not show) long tendrils of iridescent pearls that are allowed to move freely from selected spots on the quilt.

and the back is the same fabric as the wind currents. it is a lovely small turquoise paisley pattern. the binding is a white-on-white christmas fabric with snowflakes printed on the white in a gold metallic ink. gorgeous stuff…

i believe this suggestion was holiday…and the birds were having a wonderful holiday/vacation flying and dancing. only wish i could do the same…catching a current…undulating softly and gracefully…basking in the warm sunlight…bejeweled…

until next time,


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel…create!!!!!!!!!!!!


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