peacock feather


uninspired name i know….but it stands alone…this is a truly gorgeous little quilt, and it took a few days to complete.

the background fabric was one i had had in my stash for a number of years and had made blouses from it and with the left overs i was able to piece backings for quilts and then this little number used what was left for the front and the back.

i had had this idea in my head for a very long time. i love peacocks , their attitudes even!! LOL!! but especially their feathers, of course. god’s handiwork, oh my! the blending of all the colors is so very beautiful, and i was at a loss as to how to do the same/similar…then it came to me.

so…i took the leap…fussy cutting the gold, green, turquoise, the multicolor batik, and the purple, and layering them on the turquoise background…then the fun…straight stitching the metallic gold, then the rayon turquoise, green, and purple threads at an angle brought out even more of the colors and seemingly blended them. still not enough…

next came beading. now i have done some beading in my day, and the labels on tjhe back of many of my quilts is as beautiful as the quilt itself. but this was a challenge as the thread play was very close together so getting the needle between the rows of stitching was difficult as i did not want to show stitches on the back of the quilt. but perseverance paid off!! turquoise chips, purple seed beeds, and gold colored crystals completed the look…what do you think?

the binding was made of the same fabric as the backing and the background as i wanted the feather to “float”

to say i am pleased with this creation is putting it mildly…lovely stuff and the feelin afterwards…getting this creation out of my head and making room for more was wonderful!!!

please, make room in your head for more…

until next time,


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel…create!!


4 thoughts on “peacock feather

  1. jklafrance1223 says:

    That is so beautiful!

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