MRSA scare!!!!


well…last year was a challenge! i had been battling black widow spiders and other forms of arachnoid for months…can i say yuch! i was worn out one particular day and fell asleep in my lounge chair, conveniently located near the patio door and when i awoke my leg and foot hurt. so i thought i would take a shower and that would help me feel better…oh NO!…after the shower the leg and foot continued to grow and turn redder and redder and redder and then the fever started…

so off to the ER we went. apparently i was not the only one to have had a run in with the spiders…several of us in the community did…anyway, up to a room we went. plug me in to an IV with lots of antibiotics and oral meds, thankfully i thought to bring my phonr ear plugs and plug in device for power, powered up pandora and slept on and off for a week.

after discharge it was a trial each day as i had to go to an outpatient clinic every day for two weeks, twice daily, for IV therapy. in order to accomplish that, whilst in the hospital a special IV was inserted with the tip end dumping meds directly into my heart!!! but thank goodness for modern day medicine…all came out just fine…and in fact, when the IV was removed i asked for it!! the nurses looked at me like i had lost my mind of course. but i took it home an d made a therapy quilt…

it is a string quilt using a lot of reds, for blood! and the device, minus the needle, and the bio hazard bag were attached to the quilt…along with an embroidered spider and web!!!!!! this bit of humor has helped me immensely. and with no lasting problems from the bite the humor is even more appropriate.

what i would like to say is use fiber art to help you cope! i will soon be making another in remembrance of my father, a railroader, who passed away on july 4th, 2012. he went out with a bang!!

until next time,


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel…create!!!!



2 thoughts on “MRSA scare!!!!

  1. lcarolyn says:

    it was ugly and painful!! then had another after that! think we beat it though!!! no recurrences…

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