a sunflower for my beautiful daughter…she absolutely adores suflowers and this was my first attempt at a wallhanging with a sunflower theme. i must admit it could be improved upon but she loves it and has it hanging in her bedroom as a reminder of beauty!

it is made with a fusing techniques using mistyfuse and then quilting the pieces down. i just love this product and have recommended it many times and will continue to do so! it does NOT gum up the machine and therefore cause broken needles flying everywhere!

the fabrics used were from my stash. i happened to get lucky and had background fabric that looks like rice paper wallpaper, then the green leaves are representational of course! the yellows worked to allow depth and variety of color. the quilting was great fun…from the raw edge applique’ to the veining of the leaves to the circles that represent the seeds in the head of the flower…great stuff

i hope this finds you all with hope in your hearts, peace, and wonderful inspiration for the new year!

until next time…


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel…create!!!!!!!!


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