holiday gift items, take 1


need quick and simple gift items?…maybe for last minute or for fill in?

how about a rug for your mug?…or a pouch for a woman’s/young woman’s/girl’s handbag?

use your stash of left over small pieces…

the bags are made from 6″x12″ rectangles that have been sandwiched with batting, quilted, and trimmed. then add a zipper, close up the sides and there you have it!!

the mug rugs were made from fat quarters the have been sandwiched with batting, quilted and trimmed to 6″x6″, bound and grouped into 4 rugs…

see…super simple and made with lots of love, and every time it is used you will be remembered…and you had the pleasure of giving a piece of yourself…

in my family these are the things that fill one’s heart. it is not the money spent but rather the thought and love. my elderly mother spends all year making the prettiest crocheted dish cloths. she then gives them to all the females, and her brother, who look forward to the gift each christmas! they then try to outdo one another with….”mines prettier”!!! too much fun…

until next time…remember

fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel…create!!


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