airplane lap quilt!!!!!


good morning all! here is my hope to you for this continued love affair with textiles , fabrications, and all things art!

i am sharing a quilt made for mt husband when he was the proud owner of a small private airplane…we had a lot of fun flying many places in that plane. we lived in california at the time and could fly most of the year…unless we needed to get over the sierra’s, and that took planning!

i am fortunate to have a lovely sewing and embroidery machine. with it i made embroidered blocks with a navigational theme. they are colorful and depict the joy he has with flying! i then bordered them in a very dark green fabric, added to that colorful rectangular blocks, and set those into a beautiful blue flannel.

i opted to keep the quilting simple and mimic runways ( the chevron effect). since the batting and the flannel stick to one another it made that possible, thankfully. the quilt was wrapped and presented to my husband one christmas, a few years ago, and he loved it then and loves it now…it is/was very pretty and a pure pleasure to make.

combining the embroidery with the traditional blocks and then setting them into the simple flannel made a very simple project look expensive and difficult to put together. but believe me a novice could have done this! go out there…give it a try!!

until next time…remember…

fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel, create!!


5 thoughts on “airplane lap quilt!!!!!

  1. nuvofelt says:

    What a lovely idea. I’m not a quilter, but I’m planning a couple for this year. Having said that, I should emphasise that I said ‘planning’, lol, so many other textiley things to do that they might take longer than that..

  2. meta says:

    a very special piece!

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