irish love


this past november a darling second cousin was married to a lovely irish guy…in fact they are both lovely irish folk!! so…what would be more fitting than a pillow showing that heritage?

firstly, the background fabric is a hand dyed fabric that i found at a quilt show vendors booth. quite the find eh? it spoke to me and had been waiting for the right project to appear.

secondly finding the “right” celtic medallion to machine embroider was a task, but after much web surfing it was found!! and there was a celtic heart with it…so lucky to find them.

thirdly, designing the whole pillow top..downloading the celtic medallion was done…then placing the names of the couple so as to balance and overload the top…done. then adding the wedding date, again, no overloading!…done. then it needed a touch more. the addition of a border repeat, with hearts. and there it is!

the background fabric is the softest cotton batik, just yummy to touch. the medallion and font work and the lace are of a green rayon embroidery thread. so a slight sheen to the dullness of the cotton, nice contrast i thought.

well, the couple sent the loveliest thank you note. so appreciative of the thought that went into it and the love that went into the making. they are a very nice couple. their mom’s and dad’s brought them up well!!

hope to hear from you about how you like it , how you would change it, etc…

until next time…


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel…create!!!


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