heart day!


whew! i am so tired…but so thankful that i can be available for my mother. she has had a respiratory infection three times this winter, and this one is taking it’s tole. BUT…it is allowing us to rekindle our relationship as i have lived far away for a number of years..so the hearts are for love and thankfulness!

it is also my valentines quilt! made of silks and cottons. oh so easy to work with! and Mistyfuse is a marvelous tool, as is the companion Goddess sheet, a teflon like product…thank you Yvonne Porcella for the recommendation…

i am in the process of deciding what i can accomplish this year, and more than that my goals. got a planning book out and am going to write write write… have also been doing some drafting of projects, i am really anxious to ge back to work on them, too.

there are many life changes ahead…i hope things work out smoothly and as i would like them to, for a change. know what i mean?

well, here’s to a wonderful year, full of adventure and positive occurrences…

until next time…


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel…create!!


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