more baby’s!!!!


good morning out there! hiope all is well today…

today’s photos are of some of the projects for our eldest grand-daughter’s birth. i was fortunate enough to come across Anita gooddesign baby, the vintage collection, and loaded it onto our sewing/embroidery machine. and the treasures on that disc!

the embroidery is outstanding, sometimes one comes across problems with the downloads and how they are embroidered out. the fabric, for the quilt, was another lucky find…already pieced! so off to the land of stabilizing and embroidering we went!

now the fabric for the dress, cap, bib, and booties was of batiste, white. and since “K” was born with a swatch of black hair and the most beautiful white skin, and gorgeous pink lips, she looked like an angel!

this was a most fun project and is well worth using the designs again. highly recommended!!!

baby blankets are so very much fun to design, dream up, embroider, sew, create..try it! you might like!

sew until next time…

fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel, create…



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