Yet another!



yes! yet another! these are so much FUN!!!…

this time my husband’s niece was having a baby boy, and mommy is an artist and therefore super creative, so…i knew it had to be colorful and filled with family stuff. mommy’s block got an artists pallette , daddy is a roofer and so he is depicted with a guy on the roof of a house! grandpa w has a salvage yard and lots of BIG equipment to play with so a front loader seemed appropriate. grandma g loves to garden so her block is of a watering can. great-grandpa g was a fireman and i found this lovely embroidery for his block. then there are boy things in the other blocks, and block with BJB’s initials and a block with a good luck scarab…

these embroidery sewing machines are the cat’s meow!! they add a level of fun that is simply joyful…i am fortunate indeed!

i hope this inspires you to have fun with your quilting and creating…

until next time…


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel, create…


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