cherry blossoms on aqua


the inspiration for this beauty was a candle wax melter! it is this lovely little vase with a small well in the top. enclosed is a night light bulb to provide the heat to melt the wax that is put into the well. it is a pretty shade of aqua with cherry tree limbs and blossoms arranged about the limbs. this is  a lovely piece.

anyway we had given the vase to our son and his wife a couple of years ago and they had enjoyed it very much. at their last move the new bathroom, master, is a huge room with an empty wall above the soaking tub! ah ha! perfect place for a lovely little quilt, my mind said. so i set about designing it, finding the fabrics , and then planning how to make the blossoms three dimensional!

well… it took a little work and a lot of spray starch and pressing…but…mission accomplished! and it was a lot of fun to boot!

hope you enjoy this wall hanging! and what have you made that caused your brain to work overtime?

until next time…


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel..create!


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