our new baby!


yes!!! we have a new baby on the way!! and the family, all sides, are super excited!!!!! can you see the little peanut in the pic? and he’s waving hello!!

now on with the developing a new crib quilt for the little tike…hmmm… i am not sure yet. think i might need to wait on dreams. in the meantime reading, searching and researching might be the most help. i know i want to embroider the center of the blocks. maybe i should start doing that…what do you think?

anyway mommy and baby are fine. daddy, big sister and big brother are having fun since they can now feel the baby move and kick inside mommy’s tummy! so happy for them all…

did you visit your local quilt shop? we live in the boonies and do not have one that is close by, so i visited vicariously, through my FB friends and the blogs i follow…that was a blast as well!

so i am off to create…more to follow on the crib quilt …take care and keep warm or cool, depending upon where in the world you may be.


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel…create!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “our new baby!

  1. Betty says:

    Congratulations!! Bet everyone is excited.

    • lcarolyn says:

      good morning! Yes we are having another baby! I
      He is a surprise as Allison had a procedure done to block pregnancy…but guess what! …the procedure failed! LOL!!!! We are all in love with the little guy already! And Izzy got to feel him move so now she is excited to have another brother, even though she wanted a baby sister!!

      Nick and Alli and the babes are living in GJ still. They are about to move over your direction. They have found a nice house that will cost less! Give them a fenced in yard!! And yet have elbow room…oh, and trees in the back yard! S a win for all, including the dogs…

      Vicki is still in NY. She’s doing fine. She and Jaime are beginning to get along better as divorced parents which is better for Trent and Kaylee. Hope it continues!

      Mother is doing fine. She’s had a tough winter with respiratory infections. Finally dr put her on prednisone because of wheezing. She’s having a problem with swollen feet and legs right now and dr has added a diuretic. They are beginning to go down, so that’s a relief. W are planning to merge our households, so she and I are going through everything and deciding what to sell, what to go to goodwill, and what to pitch…whew!!

      • lcarolyn says:

        oops…hit the wrong button.

        Rod is the Christiansburg parking control officer, better known as the parking nazi! He seems content, we shall see…he spent a lot of time with the men in the family this past fall, hunting. TE family has a cabin in the Jefferson national forest…they got 7 deer this year! W are eating a lot of venison needless to say. Good thing we all like it!

        Hope this finds you and yours well and happy.

        Love And miss you both…


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