love is in the air!


oh yes it is!

my DH’s sister was born on valentines day and she has settled down with a man who’s birthday is on the 15th! so one year i was just beginning the quilting and fiber art journey, an ddiscoered “snippets” . it is a fun technique and one can design many different “quilts”. they had purchased an old farmhouse setting alongside a creek bed, with deer visiting, and all manner of birds…so…nice wall hangings to begin with were what they needed to fill wall space. and as the universe would have it, this class came along and voila’!

fusing and freemotion quilting were taught in this class. what a blast! and a twofer to boot!

have you tried this technique? i have taken this a few steps further, now, with having taken a class with Yvonne Porcella. and having read many books and articles by people who use the fusing techniques for their creations. limitless possibilities…

so until next time…try fusing…you will get stuck!


fiber feel, fiber art, fiber fun…


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