denim and peacock blue!


good afternoon! hope this finds you all well and happily quilting and crafting!!….

this lovely little clutch was made five years ago now. included in the embroidery unit programs of my machine is this gorgeous design. i am totally in love with peacocks and my hubbin’s niece was venturing out to college, studying arts, so i decided to combine the two and make her a clutch for the nights she went out with friends. inside is a pocket for her lipstick, one for her cell phone and the lining is monogrammed…waaaay too cute for words. she fell in love with the bag and i do hope she still has it! will have to ask for sure.

the weather here is typical pre-spring…windy, rainy, cool yet comparitively warm, to last week that is. my darling yard art peacock will not stay standing. guess he is hunkering down to weather the storm…sorry, i could not resist.

valentine’s day is around the corner and i have been very busy getting the valentines together for the youngest in the families, and their parents, of course. i hope they enjoy them. we are short of funds this year, but something handmade from poppi and mimi are always appreciated. and that surely beats candy for the babes, though i am sure they would disagree.LOL!!!

so until next time…


fiber art, fiber feel, fiber fun…create!


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