in a jaunty group , in an area where we used to live…

the challenge for a sub-group, the art quilt group, we were to make an apron/s using new and repurposed items. well…after consideration…i decided to use this fabric that i had won as the base for the apron. i used it because it reminded me of the colors in our wedding. then the white organza apron was left from my first wedding, the servers wore these. the lily of the valley and the ribbon were attached to a box that housed our wedding cake serving pieces/utensils.and, finally, you will see the label! yes, even aprons deserve labels, just like our other works of art!!!!

do you label? tell me your story!!

…and , how does the new header for the blog spot translate? i am looking for eye catching and appealing…

until next time,


fiber feel, fiber fun, fiber art…

get out there and create!



2 thoughts on ““apronology”

  1. Betty says:

    the header is great and by the way your picture is terrific!!

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