news from the home front


good morning all…well do i have news…my DH, Mother, and I are moving to the great state of Michigan…DH has taken a job there, after a forced mini retirement here in VA. He was offered a position that he could not refuse! So off we go…


and that is why I have not been as faithful as i should have been with the blog site. after settling and getting the studio up and running, the computer up and running, the printer up and running, and all the other things i am hoping to do better, especially with the creating and sharing!!

so, i hope i am not jinxing this, it looks as though the DH has found us a wonderful spot in which to live. it is at the end of a very long subdivision. it should allow nice walks and bike rides…YAY!!!! and the kitties will have a place to play…double YAY!!

…and Mother is looking forward to this move. She is 83 and needs to have full time help, so we are blending our households…should be fun…

moving estimates for one house are done, and the DM’s house is on the market, a “basement”/moving sale is pending, so things are on track…lets hope there are no to few hiccups! wish us luck, please

So the creativity has stalled, who knows it may surface through all this, we shall see.

until next time…


fiber feel, fiber art, create!


2 thoughts on “news from the home front

  1. ivoryspring says:

    I hadn’t known you were in VA before! Where were you at…? I actually live in northern VA!
    Hope you get settled down soon in Michigan… lots of quilters there, you know? 🙂

    • lcarolyn says:

      good afternoon! i did not know you are in VA either…we live in christiansburg at the moment. where do you live? yes, there are a lot of quilter in MI! we are going to live in the grand rapids area, a VERY arty community! and there is a huge quilt show once a year in downtown GR…i am very excited…and even more exciting…real quilt fabric shops, nice fabrics that can be petted and looked at, and then cut into and sew upon and embroider upon and QUILT upon!!!


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