batik beauty


good day!! my goodness how quickly life is moving right now…as i think about what is going on i thought o this absolutely gorgeous quilt that i made for my, then, son-in-law…

i had collected the fabrics because of the colors, alone. then over time the idea for the quilt surfaced. it was a combination of pure joy to piece, but the quilting was physically difficult. it was straight line quilted, 1/2″ away from one another! starting in the center with a very small rectangle and then spreading outwardly. after quilting and binding i took it outside and hung it on the clothesline to rest! as the sun shone through the back to the front the beauty of the quilt came through. i hope you can see the colors!

well, what is going on? two weekends ago a dear friend from Indiana came for a weekend visit! we had not seen one another for a few years, but had stayed in touch…what a joy to have her for a while! she had not seen my mother for even longer, so she had a time catching up with this family…FUN!

then we had Easter weekend…how very nice that was. the family came to our house for an after church meal…nice! it is so much fun getting them all together. the talking, laughing, eating, all create such a wonderful atmosphere…i simply love it!

and, then, yesterday evening the family came over to Mother’s for a pre-sale event. we are having a yard/basement sale today and we wanted them to preview and purchase what they wanted as memorabilia, since we are moving to Michigan. what a lovely evening!

and , today is the basement sale. hopefully, someone will, also like the house and yard enough to want to see inside the house and then purchase it! a cash sale would be marvelous!!

well, enough of my ramblings for now.

i am hoping for you…

creativity, love, enjoyment, family caring, and hope…

until next time…


fiber feel, fiber love, fiber art…



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