tis an absolutely beautiful day

yes, my oh my it is an absolutely beautiful day here in western Michigan…and we had best enjoy it as storms and really HOT and humid weather is approaching!

we are settling in nicely in this house. it is beginning to look and feel like home for us. we are at the hanging pictures and quilts stage!yay! those touches really do help the feel of a home.

my mother and i have set up our sewing/quilting/work spabe in the lower level of the house. and we have begun to sew together…something we have not done for quite a long time. oh, it does feel good to do that again.

and our year old kitties would love to outside and terrorize the birds and bunnies…but, alas, there are apparently neighbors who poison cats…so our “boys” will stay inside and wish…


as our projects go forward i will share the results, maybe i will even take pics as we go along!…a revelation!!>>>LOL!!!


Good day, y”all! I am a transplanted southerner, again! But i can still say y’all!!!

we have officially moved in…about 99% of the boxes hae been unpacked…whew…and my elderly mother made the trip just fine. i surely was worried, but she is pretty tough and “manned up”! we set up her room first so she could rest, actually, my even more elderly mother-in-law and mother put her room together! it was great…they talked and reminniced…and talked some more…then they would unpack something…then start over 🙂

after about two days, they came into the kitchen and dining room to help me! now that was so not fair…they double teamed me! they unpacked and i put things away. those two ladies were fast!

the lower level, where my/our studio is is finally together, sew now we can sew, sew, sew. many fun days ahead!

i am hoping to soon get back into blogging and sewing and quilting daily…

sew, i look forward to seeing you online…

my best to you all…


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel…create!




Good day, y”all! I am a transplanted southerner,