Good day, y”all! I am a transplanted southerner, again! But i can still say y’all!!!

we have officially moved in…about 99% of the boxes hae been unpacked…whew…and my elderly mother made the trip just fine. i surely was worried, but she is pretty tough and “manned up”! we set up her room first so she could rest, actually, my even more elderly mother-in-law and mother put her room together! it was great…they talked and reminniced…and talked some more…then they would unpack something…then start over 🙂

after about two days, they came into the kitchen and dining room to help me! now that was so not fair…they double teamed me! they unpacked and i put things away. those two ladies were fast!

the lower level, where my/our studio is is finally together, sew now we can sew, sew, sew. many fun days ahead!

i am hoping to soon get back into blogging and sewing and quilting daily…

sew, i look forward to seeing you online…

my best to you all…


fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel…create!




Good day, y”all! I am a transplanted southerner,


2 thoughts on “Good day, y”all! I am a transplanted southerner,

  1. Betty says:

    Glad that you are all moved and that your Mom made the move so well. Let me know what your new address is when you get a chance! Good luck in the new home!

  2. Hope you can remember where you put everything away … keeping up to two would be hard and fast work!

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