tis an absolutely beautiful day

yes, my oh my it is an absolutely beautiful day here in western Michigan…and we had best enjoy it as storms and really HOT and humid weather is approaching!

we are settling in nicely in this house. it is beginning to look and feel like home for us. we are at the hanging pictures and quilts stage!yay! those touches really do help the feel of a home.

my mother and i have set up our sewing/quilting/work spabe in the lower level of the house. and we have begun to sew together…something we have not done for quite a long time. oh, it does feel good to do that again.

and our year old kitties would love to outside and terrorize the birds and bunnies…but, alas, there are apparently neighbors who poison cats…so our “boys” will stay inside and wish…


as our projects go forward i will share the results, maybe i will even take pics as we go along!…a revelation!!>>>LOL!!!


4 thoughts on “tis an absolutely beautiful day

  1. ivoryspring says:

    Thanks for entering my giveaway. Good to know you are settling in well at your new home.

  2. deb says:

    Hello, Carolyn…nice to meet you! I am a cat person too….your boys are darlings.

  3. I am always interested to see other people’s pets, they contribute so much love and laughter to our lives. I have 2 dogs currently, a scottie & a dachshund, our cat died a couple of years back, it was traumatic. I restrain myself from posting their pictures everywhere!Seeing the love a person has for his or her pet, tells you a lot about that person, don’t you think? Barb
    PS I have a neighbor who did that after threatening me. That another human could be so heartless and cruel is unbelievable. But imagine how he must treat any people in his life, couldn’t be happy with such a cold stone of a heart, assuming he even has one.Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer, but I think such things will always continue to hurt. It sure is a test for us to not hate back.

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