kitties and babies

kitties and babies.


kitties and babies


good afternoon! it is a HOT and getting HOTTER and very sunny day here in Michigan! summer has arrived! the garden is growing , the grass is growing, the pear tree is loaded with the cutest little pears, the cherry trees are full, and best of all, our family continues to grow.

My dear cousins eldest daughter and husband are having their first baby!!!!An exciting event for sure. this will be the first grand child for my dear cousin…so she and her DH ar e about to have their worlds upended! and blissfully i am sure…

above is one of the blocks in the baby quilt i am making for the expectant parents. the other blocks are 1930 reproduction fabrics that were gifted to me! and after that the kitties, also reproduction fabric were gifted! they have been with me through two moves, just waiting for the right inspiration. and this seems like a golden opportunity…