’tis a lovely fall day

Imageit is one of the last we shall have…the frosts are getting heavier and the snow flurried a bit the last two days. the sunrises are extremely beautiful this time of year, loaded with lovely shades of red, orange, yellow purple lavender, and pink! makes one swoon!!!!

above is a peek at a quilt i have been working on for Alyssa @ pile o’fabric, actually a group of us has been testing for her. and, may i say, Alyssa is a jewel to work for! and such fun tasks she gives us!!

Imageand here is the finished top. ain’t it pretty? i adore the look of stained glass. it is so uplifting to see bright, clear colors with the sun shining through…Imageand here is the back of the quilt! nice and graphic…any one would LOVE this quilt…use your own colors! we are assure the pattern will be out soon. hope you chose to consider getting it from Alyssa. you’ll be happy with it!

Now all i have to do is quilt it! the quilt is sandwiched, spray basted, and pin basted, now to the fun! QUILTING!!!!!

now, what have you been working on lately?

remember to have fun with whatever interest/hobby you might have…

fiber art. fiber fun. fiber feel.



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