’tis a lovely fall day

Imageit is one of the last we shall have…the frosts are getting heavier and the snow flurried a bit the last two days. the sunrises are extremely beautiful this time of year, loaded with lovely shades of red, orange, yellow purple lavender, and pink! makes one swoon!!!!

above is a peek at a quilt i have been working on for Alyssa @ pile o’fabric, actually a group of us has been testing for her. and, may i say, Alyssa is a jewel to work for! and such fun tasks she gives us!!

Imageand here is the finished top. ain’t it pretty? i adore the look of stained glass. it is so uplifting to see bright, clear colors with the sun shining through…Imageand here is the back of the quilt! nice and graphic…any one would LOVE this quilt…use your own colors! we are assure the pattern will be out soon. hope you chose to consider getting it from Alyssa. you’ll be happy with it!

Now all i have to do is quilt it! the quilt is sandwiched, spray basted, and pin basted, now to the fun! QUILTING!!!!!

now, what have you been working on lately?

remember to have fun with whatever interest/hobby you might have…

fiber art. fiber fun. fiber feel.


FALL TIME!!!!!!!!

Imagehello out there in blogland!! hope this finds all well and happy!!!!!! …and while i am on a happy note…HAPPY FALL!!! i know. in some places, including here , it does not feel like fall…it is our indian summer and humid to boot…yuchhhh. but not as bad as where my DS is working right now. arkansas…it was 105 F yesterday and apparently he got sick from the heat. i am sure he wasn’t the only one…hopefully they will catch a break and get some cooling off. we are to cool off tomorrow, back to a reasonable temperature for the area and time.

it has been a while since i have been on the blog, so time to catch up. the above picture is of a room darkening shade i am making for our “headache” room. it is a panel that someone gifted me, years ago, and i finally have a place to use it. the pic is misleading, my apologies, it is a burgundy red with goldtone and brown flowers. i have echo quilted around each of the large floral arrangements and am beginning the crosshatch quilting of the background. when complete i intend to make a roman shade for the particular window.Imagethis is a better picture, at least the colors are a tiny bit more appropriate! as you can see i have marked the background so as to attempt to maintain some semblance of regularity and spacing between the lines. so when complete, more pictures will be shown.

i was fortunate enough to get to go to colorado to see my DS, his wife and three children, the youngest is still a newborn, all 17 weeks! and , boy, did i have fun! the children are a treat…the eldest is the big sister to two little brothers. and she started school this year! she simply cannot wait to learn how to write and read. she is 4 and charming as the day is long. we have a mutual love of one another that runs very deeply!! i am still crying over leaving them and coming home. i want us all to live in a common area ;(. but anyway, she has two little brothers, and i mean little! the eldest is just 2, mothers day, and his new brother was born about mothers day this year!! they have their hands full!!! plus, three dogs…OMG!!!

..and they all share…virus’ with their Mimi!…Mimi came home with bronchitis, still have a bubble in my chest, after antibiotics no less…hope it decides to just go away and let me rest…

anyway, i have been having fun, and i really cannot complain. i came back to fall, i have not had a northern fall for a few years and i am truly excited! there are tons of sugar maples up here and they are promising to be spectacular! whoo hoo!!!

i will close down for the day, now, as DH is home and my elderly mother is hungry!

my wish for you all is happiness, good health, and a wealth of creativity!

until next time,

fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel, CREATE!!!!



a new day

IMG_1972well here it is! the top, at least! i somehow thought i had taken a picture o the quilt in its finished stage…but, apparently NOT!!! anyhow, it is a very cute quilt for my second cousin and her husband’s baby, due in september! it has been packaged and mailed to them, with our love and hopes for their futures!

My DH and the neighbor young man are due back shortly, after spending a week in OSHKOSH at the HUGE airplane fly-in! they both are airplane fanatics. guess they are both very tired and ready to come home…i can only imagine how much fun they had…from talking to people to seeing many different airplanes, to sitting in many different airplanes , to people watching! too much fun…i will be happy to have them home for sure!

todays new day is full of sunshine, a light breeze, with cool temperatures…after a week of rain…it is very nice here in western Michigan…

my hope for you is lovely weather and days filled with sewing, quilting, imagining and creating…

remember, fiber art, fiber fun, fiber feel…create

kitties and babies


good afternoon! it is a HOT and getting HOTTER and very sunny day here in Michigan! summer has arrived! the garden is growing , the grass is growing, the pear tree is loaded with the cutest little pears, the cherry trees are full, and best of all, our family continues to grow.

My dear cousins eldest daughter and husband are having their first baby!!!!An exciting event for sure. this will be the first grand child for my dear cousin…so she and her DH ar e about to have their worlds upended! and blissfully i am sure…

above is one of the blocks in the baby quilt i am making for the expectant parents. the other blocks are 1930 reproduction fabrics that were gifted to me! and after that the kitties, also reproduction fabric were gifted! they have been with me through two moves, just waiting for the right inspiration. and this seems like a golden opportunity…